Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Odd things happen when you take a TV show as “your own.” Especially since most shows don’t go too many seasons before they jump the shark.

Seriously, what the fuck is happening to GILMORE GIRLS? Luke doesn’t tell Lorelai about his daughter? And then won’t let Loreleai into her life once she finds out? Lane agrees to marry Zach? What the hell happened to Sookie and Jackson and Michel? Granted, there have been bright spots, like the genius Gilmore battle at the end of “Friday Night’s All Right for Fighting,” but for the most part, this season has been a colossal, frustrating, unbelievable letdown. And word on the street is that next season will be the last, and, worse, the Palladinos may not be involved.

But it’s still far better than most of what’s on the Tee Vee... f’rinstance....

Oh, that SNL Natalie Portman rap video.... why, why, WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THIS IS FUNNY? Maybe, MAYBE if it had been the first “really white person does gangsta rap on SNL video,” it might have been slightly.... SLIGHTLY amusing.... but, in true Saturday Night Live form, they took something that was funny once and are milking the humor right out of that fucker. I couldn’t even watch the whole Portman video. Halfway through, with nary a smile cracked, I clicked off.

And then there’s The Oscars.... which I did DVR and watched in about 35 minutes. I was almost embarrassed for Jon Stewart... it seems as if a lot of apologists are judging the job Stewart did in the context of other Oscar shows... fuck that. Jon Stewart is literally a hero of mine in these awful times. I expected more. He was just okay. I'm curious to see what Jon will say about his performance on THE DAILY SHOW tonight. About the only person who didn’t come off bad on the Oscars to my mind was George Clooney, on whom I now officially have a man crush. I mean, I've gone on record as saying that I think he's the closest thing we have to an old-fashioned movie star ala Cary Grant, and his grace, humor and humility Sunday night cemented that. I get it, ladies, I get it.

Crush. CRASH. Yeah. Reasons for the BROKEBACK snub aside (Hollywood homophobia? Or just too many actors voting for all their friends, dozens of whom comprised the cast of CRASH?), I was glad CRASH won. That film moved me in the end far more than BBM did (Get it? Moved me... IN THE END? Oh, I’m witty).

And finally, those Boost Mobile ads that posit what would’ve happened if Travis Barker would’ve become a weight lifter instead of a rock drummer.... ANYTHING that would’ve spared the world Blink 182 would’ve been welcome (and, I feel I must note that I had to Google "Travis Barker" to find out which shitty band he's in. The guy is hardly a rock star). I had a discussion with a 23 year old girl at the bar last Friday night about “punk” (shortly after the leader of the incredibly awful Bayside did his post-show railing against “fags”). She said that punk in the 70s was all about image. These days, she opined, it’s more about the music and deep meaning.

Uh-huh. Roll, Joe, roll.

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