Thursday, March 09, 2006

WATE-ON, Regular or Super

So, while putting a lot of comics up for auction on eBay today, I came across this incredible ad in a 1973 issue of the DC Comic LOVE STORIES (don’t ask) that shouts at the reader, “Don’t be SKINNY!” My, how times have changed.

According to the small print, WATE-ON is an “amazing new natural discovery” that “quickly fills out skinny figures without Pads, Excercise or Fishy Oils!” Wate-On (available in Regular and Super Homogenized Liquid Emulsions or Condensed Food-Tablets [Super or Regular]) “helps fill out cheeks, bust-line, arms, legs and entire body!”

WATE-ON (available at drug counters everywhere) also notes that “CONVALESCENTS recovering from colds, flu and other minor ailments usually find Wate-On’s extra calories beneficial.”

And as if that weren’t enough to pull you in, check out the groovy fruggin’ couple in the corner... The guy (who looks like Liberace wearing Cary Grant’s outfit from TO CATCH A THIEF) says, “Gosh, Jean, you sure are popular since you put on those extra pounds!”

Nicole, Lindsay, Lara Flynn, Courteney, pay attention!


Miss Tanya said...

Does this mean I can start eating again?

Gerald Saul said...

I also found one of these ads and was amazed, but I didn't think they'd put them in a comic! More surprising is that "Wate-on" is still being marketed!

Renee said...

Thanks for this blast from the past. Can't believe they're still being sold! I used to be one of those pathetically skinny chics & actually ate these vile things. My mom used to tell me, "honey, enjoy being skinny while you can, it's not going to last." As usual, moms always get it right.

Unknown said...

Where? I wanna buy 1 wate-on!