Thursday, July 15, 2010

Facebook has maimed blogging.... but it ain't dead yet.

I know.... I've been promising for a really long time that the new POPS GUSTAV and the updated TOUGH GUY were coming "soon." And yes, as with much of the internet, that promise has turned out be quite hollow. I'm not throwing in the towel, but without question, Facebook has put a serious crimp in not just my blogging, but that of many fellow online ranters. While there's something to be said for keeping all the narcissistic rambling in one page, easy to ignore if you choose to do so, I am still pursuing creative endeavors, and as such, really, really need to get my poops together.

One of the problems has been that my old computer started to show signs of imminent death, so I got a new iMac (love), only to find that my old version of DreamWeaver did not make the transition to the new machine. When I got an updated version of said web-building software, I found that the new Adobe version has almost nothing in common with the MacroMedia version I had come to know. So, it's like starting completely from scratch.

Of late, I've been getting strong recommendations to switch to either this server or the other one (if I name it, will I get flagged?) at least for Pops Gustav, and I'm looking into that. I miss ranting and raving. I gotta get back to it.

..... is anybody still out there?

We have to go BACK....!