Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Smallville Recap Catch-Up....

This teaser poster was just released for SMALLVILLE's return this month for the second half of its final season. Note that the Superman reflection under Clark seems to be that first promotional image of Brandon Routh that Warner sent out as SUPERMAN RETURNS went into production. Man, they really are keeping Tom Welling out of that suit as long as they can!

I still hate the fact that they're using Bryan Singer's much-maligned version of the S-shield, especially in light of the fact that SMALLVILLE is an entirely separate version of the Superman story loaded with contradictions to the origin and history set by the movies. But I guess I should be grateful that they're going to use the red-and-blues at all!

Before the series returns, here are links to my Starpulse recaps of Season 10 episodes 3-11.

Season 10, Episode 3: SUPERGIRL
Season 10, Episode 4: HOMECOMING
Season 10, Episode 5: ISIS
Season 10, Episode 6: HARVEST
Season 10, Episode 7: AMBUSH
Season 10, Episode 8: ABANDONED
Season 10, Episode 9: PATRIOT
Season 10, Episode 10: LUTHOR
Season 10, Episode 11: ICARUS

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