Tuesday, May 10, 2011

With one to go... Smallville final season recap catch-up

After ten years, this Friday the CW's SMALLVILLE comes to a conclusion, presumably beginning the story of Superman (as opposed to "the Blur," the superhero name Clark Kent has been using for the past few seasons). While it's true that a story that should've ended at least five years ago has been dragged out to the overall detriment of the show's legacy, this final season has mostly been a pretty good one for fans of the Man of Steel.

What fans have to remember is that this is as much an Elseworlds story as RED SON or any other adaptation. Aside from the inherent restrictions in adapting Superman for television (or at least as they were in 2001, when the show premiered), once SMALLVILLE became a hit, the producers of this show had to figure out how to elongate a story long past its logical conclusion while still staying true to both the show's edict and the legacy of the character. And they didn't do a bad job, considering.

I'll write a bigger piece on the legacy of SMALLVILLE after the finale this weekend, but for now, here are the links to my Starpulse recaps of the past nine episdes just in case you wanna get caught up (the earlier links can be found here).

Season 10, Episode 12: COLLATERAL
Season 10, Episode 13: BEACON
Season 10, Episode 14: MASQUERADE
Season 10, Episode 15: FORTUNE
Season 10, Episode 16: SCION
Season 10, Episode 17: KENT
Season 10, Episode 18: BOOSTER
Season 10, Episode 19: DOMINION
Season 10, Episode 20: PROPHECY

Hmm, the recap for "Fortune" seems to have vanished into the ether(net), so I'll fix that when it's found by the Starpulsers.

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