Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Pops Gallery: Halloween Comic Book Covers!

Oh, hello, Internet. Yes, yes, I know, it's been a rather fallow 2016 here on Pops; a mere two posts, one of 'em just an old record store flyer (and I never gave my follow up thoughts on Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.... the short review: Mostly ugh. But I liked Wonder Woman. Moving on.). I can't promise the posting will continue with any great frequency, as I'm in the midst of the latest in a line of huge transitional periods, but (unlike 50 Words or Less... which I'm afraid is now toast) Pops is not yet consigned to the ever-growing mountain of abandoned blogs on the web (thanks, social media, for continuing to erode the attention span of the humans!). I'll be back... probably with some more holiday musings and galleries.

But, HEY! Enough with the whine, let's get to the entree! What follows is a Pops Gallery of 55 Halloween-themed comic book covers. Please note, these are not just covers that feature ghosts, monsters, skeletons, aliens, or any other of the scary elements of the season, that would be a gallery that would break the Internet. These are covers that are specifically about the holiday itself, and it was surprisingly difficult to find at least 50 good ones (my minimum for the gallery). Also perhaps surprising is that most of the covers are for comics aimed at kids, Disney, Harvey, Bugs Bunny, and Little Lulu far outweigh superheroes and even horror / mystery comics (also, the inclusion of the two Headless Horseman comics and the Little Lulu leaf-raking cover may be a stretch, but I don't care)! So, dig into this big plastic jack-o-lantern of mostly just slightly scary goodness. Happy Halloween, kiddies. See you (hopefully) soon...

He's got a Casper bag and mask... wouldn't he be thrilled? 

Nothing in this gallery is scarier than a Jack Chick tract.

It's funny because she's fat. Man, Harvey Comics were messed up.

Ugh. What a pig. Donald Trump's favorite comic book character. 

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