Monday, March 15, 2021

Bookshelf Inspiration

 I recently did a series of 10 Days of Bookshelf Inspiration on my Tough Guy Goods Instagram page (comprising eleven photos because I cheated), spotlighting some of the monographs, graphic novels, and other pop culture books to which I reach for inspiration (visual or otherwise) on a practically daily basis. I thought I'd plop these pics here because why not? 

Alex Toth, my all-time favorite cartoonist

Comic Strips, cartoons, and Archie Comics

Charles M. Schulz

Comic book artist monographs

(See Below), Bob Fingerman, MAD & EC, Will Eisner

Jaime / Xaime Hernandez

Modern illustrator monographs

Classic illustrators

Craig Thompson, Emil Ferris, Al Columbia, Dave Cooper, and Richard Sala

More favorite indie cartoonists including Daniel Clowes, Patrick McEown, and Richard Sala

Various pop culture collections and small format illustrator monographs