Tuesday, July 27, 2021

The Pops Gallery: Hey!! Kids!!! Comics!!!! Part VI

It's been a while since I've done one of these galleries, but once I get started, it becomes a week-long research rabbit hole that is so fun I don't wanna do anything else. Taking an old picture of a newsstand / drug store, I've put together montages of the comic book covers on display. In previous installments (which can be seen here), I mostly presented a small sampling of the covers, but this time, with most of these, I endeavored to show every cover I could discern. I was not 100% successful, but I got most of 'em. 

A few notes: The first photo is a 1939 catalogue page from Atlas Wire Products depicting comic books from numerous months in that year. All of the newsstand et al photos are labeled with the cover date of the books on display, which was a few months after they went on sale (the norm for comic books to prolong shelf life).  The Autumn 1951 photo is a screencap from the Season 1 episode of ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, "Crime Wave," in which a newsstand vendor has a giant story right behind him: Superman's secret identity, on display in a handful of comic books (also of note, all of the books are DC Comics with the one exception of Harvey Comics' JOE PALOOKA for reasons unknown). The shot from 1953 is actually a repeat image, but this time I've shown every comic instead of the sampling I did in Hey!! Kids!!! Comics!!!! Part I. The kid on the sidewalk is looking at a bunch of comic books in Australia, so most of those are variants from down under. The July 1959 shot (with the greaser) is a different angle on a shot from a previous installment of this series. The two images from 1979 (jumping two decades, as I've said before, good newsstand pics from the 1960s and 70s are hard to find) are from unknown comic book shops, so there's a mixture of new and old books on display. 

I've got more of these to come, but they're so labor intensive (and I do have a life, sort of) that it may be a while until Part VII is posted, but when it does come, I'm going to go back to some of the earlier photos and put together more comprehensive montages of the covers on display (as I did with the 1953 entry here). Because, OBSESSIVE. 

1939 catalogue listing for comic book racks

June 1940

March 1942

June 1942

May 1948

June 1948

July 1948

November 1948

July 1949

Adventures of Superman screencap, covers from Autumn 1951

February 1951

Australia 1952

November 1953

Spinner rack, left side

Spinner rack, right side

books on the shelf to the left

October 1954

July 1959

January 1979

Comic book store, December 1979

New comics on display

Old comics on display